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New Panel of Arbitrators of CIETAC Comes into Effect

According to the Arbitration Law of the People's Republic of China, and the provisions on the appointment of arbitrators of CIETAC, tenure system is used in the appointment of arbitrators in CIETAC, and the term of office is three years. The previous arbitrators’ term expired on April 30, 2017. Since May 1, 2017, A new Panel of Arbitrators will be implemented by CIETAC, which will be effective from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2020.

The arbitrators are the main body of the arbitration case, which is the core and key to establish the credibility of the arbitration. Moral quality, professional integrity and ability, work attitude of the arbitrator, and the structure of the arbitrator team, is directly related to the quality of the arbitral awards and the long-term healthy development of CIETAC. To inherit and carry forward the tradition of fairness, independence and efficiency during 60 years of history, ensure the quality of arbitrator team, promote the overall level of arbitrators, CIETAC carried out the arbitrators’ transition work with the strict principle prudently.

In December 2016, CIETAC published transition working time schedule and specific recruitment standards on its official website, made clear about the deadlines of application, and put forward stricter requirements than Arbitration Law in personnel qualifications, professional conditions, education and so on. CIETAC has received more than 1000 applications from both domestic and foreign countries. In order to select outstanding arbitrators fairly and publicly in the whole country, CIETAC has implemented the open election and pre-employment training appraisal mechanism since 2011. In this transition, after strict primaries, more than three hundred mainland Chinese applicants were invited to participate in the training evaluation for arbitrator candidates in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan held by CIETAC. According to the result of training examination and considering the applicants’ professional competence, social influence and case-handling need, through the review of the Accreditation Examination Committee and Director Meeting of CIETAC and after submission to the China Chamber of Commerce for the record, the new panel of arbitrators was ultimately determined.

There are 1,437 arbitrators in the new Panel of Arbitrators. Among them, there were 1,032 arbitrators from 58 cities of mainland China, accounting for 71.8 percent of the total number of arbitrators. The number of arbitrators from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries is 405, accounting for 28.2 percent of the total number of arbitrators, and they are from 65 countries and regions in the world. According to the principle of arbitrator's appointment and relevant regulations, 170 previous arbitrators were not renewed.

The number of Chinese and foreign arbitrators in the new panel of arbitrators has increased appropriately, and the geographical structure of arbitrators is more reasonable. Among them, the number of nationalities increases 24, and the number of arbitrators from countries along the One Belt and One Road increased from 15 to 28, which is better able to escort Chinese enterprises to go out, protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and foreign parties in the implementation of national strategy and strengthen the influence of CIETAC in the international arbitration.

Through the transition, the new panel of arbitrators further highlights the nature of authoritative, professional, international and nongovernmental, and it will play an important role in the development of CIETAC and the arbitration in China.

For the convenience of parties, CIETAC originates the Wisdom Panel. By scanning the QR code of each arbitrator, the detailed information such as qualification, expertise and experience in arbitration, achievements and others will be shown.


Encl: Panel of Arbitrators of CIETAC (Effective as from May 1, 2017)