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First PPP Arbitration Center Established To Convoy OBOR Construction------ Opening Ceremony of CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center Held in Beijing

At a time when the construction of the Belt and Road has been developed steadily and rapidly, and in response to the demand of the transformation and upgrading of national economy and the construction of the Belt and Road, the CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center, the first arbitration center ever established in China to resolve disputes arising from public-private partnership by arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution is now established in CIETAC. The opening ceremony of the center was held on May 16, 2017 in Beijing.

The ceremony was chaired by Secretary General and Vice Chairman of CIETAC Wang Chengjie. Vice Chairman of CCPIT Yin Zonghua, Deputy Head of the China Arbitration Association Preparatory Group of the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council Lu Yunhua, Director of PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance Jiao Xiaoping attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Director of the Regulations Department of the NDRC Zhao Chengfeng and Deputy Director of the Arbitration Committee of the All China Lawyers Association Zhang Lixia also attended the ceremony upon invitation. About 100 arbitrators and experts from the PPP industry, construction and engineering supervision, representatives from relevant industry associations, business representatives, industry experts also attended the ceremony.

Yin Zonghua pointed out in his speech that the construction of the OBOR would demand huge financing, and PPP could contribute to fill the financing gap, which was a significant way of financing for the OBOR and also an important measure to transform government functions, activate the market and create new economic growth point.

Yin further expressed that the establishment of the CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center is a positive step to serve the construction of OBOR, implement the national policy and serve the enterprise actively. CIETAC would devote itself to expanding new business of PPP disputes resolution, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading in order to provide international and professional legal service for enterprises when “Going-out” and providing support for the construction of the OBOR and for China’s foreign trade.

Yin also emphasized that business legal service was the traditional business of CIETAC. Under the new situation, reinforcing the business legal service is an important content for CCPIT to enlarge its functions and speed up transformation and upgrading. CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center will be beneficial for CIETAC to enlarge its range of services, optimize the structure of cases, magnify the function of public legal service, lead the industry, build an international arbitration service brand and promote the awareness and credibility of CIETAC.

Finally, Yin made requirements to the development of the CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center. He said CIETAC should firmly rely on the support of the society, serve the national policies and strategic actively. With an aim of professionalization, internationalization and branding, and power of reform and innovation, CIETAC should develop itself by correcting drawbacks, enlarging functions so as to lead the development of Chinese arbitration, raise the international status of Chinese arbitration, promote the construction of regional and even the international arbitration center, and contribute to the construction of a powerful trade nation and the growth of international trade and investment.

Lu Yunhua stated that the CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center will have a strong positive effect on the development of the Chinese economy and arbitration undertakings, and it will be an important safeguard for the implementation of PPP. As the earliest-established arbitration institution, CIETAC not only has a team of expert arbitrators with professional quality and capacity, but also has profound experience and talents accumulated during its years of handling franchise disputes, which will guarante its professionalism and high efficiency in PPP project dispute resolution. PPP arbitration is both opportunity and challenge. He hoped that under the continuously exploration of CIETAC and PPP experts,PPP arbitration will become the best choice for PPP disputes.

Jiao Xiaoping pointed out that PPP is a long-term corporation between the government and the market and the core of it is the management of contracts. At present,the reform of PPP is still at the exploration stage on the whole. Large investment, long corporation cycle, complicated operations and lots of unpredictable factors make it inevitable to have disputes in PPP projects. Strengthening the rules of law and building up effective dispute resolution system is of the utmost importance not only to the healthy and orderly development of PPP reform, but also to the building of confidence and guarantee of the cooperation between the government and social capital. The establishment of the CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center will effectively promote the development of theory and related practices of PPP dispute resolution, restrain the government and social capital’s behaviors and protect the interests of investors and other citizens. Jiao hoped that CIETAC could develop PPP arbitration and ADR, and achieve the justice and equity of awards. In the future, China PPP legal construction will be more developed,the market will be more prosperous, and the reform of the market will be totally put into practice. 

Yin Zonghua, Lu Yunhua and other leaders and guests present unveiled the plaque for the CIETAC PPP Arbitration Center. Guests present witnessed the historic moment together.

After the ceremony, a seminar on PPP hot issues and dispute resolution was held at the same site.